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The Smorgas-Board Game

A Game of Healthy Food Choices    


Children have fun learning about the five food groups and making healthy food choices!

Players build their food pyramids using dried beans* to "fill up" and score their daily nutritional requirements. 

Each food group has a range of acceptable serving amounts per day. Players must score the minimum daily food requirements to win the game. The original pyramid has explicit amounts, whereas the updated pyramid takes in various factors--age, sex and physical activity--to determine individual required amounts.

The Smorgas-Board Game™ includes a playing cube die pattern, instructions, and two food pyramid patterns 
(8.5 x 11")--the original pyramid (left) or the updated version (right)--you choose which pyramid to play on. 
For ages 5+.

The original purchaser --under this copyright-- is entitled to make copies of the game cards for home or classroom use only. Once you've purchased the game and your order is processed*, you'll receive instructions via email on how to download it from the site. No waiting for delivery and no shipping costs!  

Game is emailed in PDF format, only. Downloads are non-returnable. 

Price: $6.99 -
Print as many game cards as you need for a onetime fee!
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* beans not included.


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