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Before you go further, read the legend of Tangram origins.
Click the pink triangle.
it's your turn to create some puzzle magic!

First, you must have a set of the seven puzzle pieces to play the Tangram puzzle. 

Click the blue triangle to get your free puzzle pieces.



and arrange the
free puzzle pieces
to match the tangram designs, below.

                                   Mountain Sunrise                            Swan  

      Candle                   Potted Flower               Indian Chief  

These puzzles are for individual or classroom use, not to be distributed or sold
without the written consent of Sarah A. Keith.


has been developed for the Sunday cartoon section of newspapers world-wide! If you would like to see PICTURE THIS in your local newspaper, call them and ask them to carry it!

In the meantime, see if you can do one of our Tangram puzzles, above. Remember, use all seven shapes, they must touch, and not overlap. The parallelogram is the only shape that you may need to turn over to work a Tangram puzzle.

When you're finished playing with our puzzles, create one of your own designs and send it to us.
(Please email us first to see if we are accepting new designs.) 

If we choose your design, it may be displayed in our Kid's Gallery. You can also make a TanScape. What's a TanScape? you might ask. A TanScape is created by arranging multiple Tangram puzzles. When sending your new designs, don't forget to include your name, city, state, country, and your age, (optional). TEACHERS/STUDENTS: If you're sending an entry from your classroom, tell us the name of your school!

After you've tried working the Tangram puzzles, click here for the: SOLUTIONS!

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