Animated Bison Flip-Card

From the game, "Where the Bison Roam", created for the Texas Department of Wildlife.

Kidzoo-Shuffle is a BLAST to play!


Print out the bison flip card below, then follow the directions.
Once you're done it should look like the animated bison, above.

Copyright 2000 S.A.

What you need:
A scissors, coloring pencils or crayons, glue stick or stapler, a sturdy, straight drinking straw.

What you do:
Color the picture on the left, exactly the same as the picture on the right. Cut along the solid line. Fold in half along the dotted line. Staple or glue shut. Attach to the top of a straw with tape or cut a slit at the top of the straw and insert the picture. Roll the straw between your hands and watch your Bison roam for home!

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