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Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments     Make Chrismons with kids
Chrismon Snowflakes and Chrismon-Kids

What is a CHRISMON SNOWFLAKE ORNAMENT? you may wonder. The word, Chrismon, is a medieval Latin word meaning a symbol of Christ or Christianity, or a Christ-Monogram. Crowns, crosses, doves, stars, and butterflies are a few examples of Chrismon ornaments.  Watch a video of how to cut a Chrismon Snowflake.

A Chrismon Christmas tree is traditionally adorned with Chrismon ornaments, white lights, and gold balls or garland. All Chrismon ornaments are white, or white and gold. White represents God's holiness, and gold symbolizes the glory of God. 

While making paper cut snowflakes with my children one Christmas, I wanted my designs to reflect the spiritual nature of the season. By trial and error I incorporated Chrismon designs into each snowflake. Hence, Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments were developed! The special way they are folded and cut gives them their three dimensional quality. Chrismon Snowflakes are reminiscent of German and Swiss Scherenschnitte, (the religious art/craft of intricate paper cutting).

Relive the nostalgic fun of making paper snowflakes! You're sure to have fun making my unique ornaments of faith. This is a great project for the family, school, or Sunday school during Advent! Click here to order Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments.

Merry CHRISTmas!
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To make a 6' Chrismon Snowflake Tree, like the one pictured below, you'll need: 
1 - Chrismon Snowflake Ornament book, (contains 32 ornaments, 2 of each design);  white lights (the more the better); gold accessories such as beaded garland or bows. When properly stored these paper ornaments will last for years!

Read what the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel had to say!


"The snowflake Chrismons are wonderful. My high school students and I really enjoyed making them. While the teens were cutting them out, I read the history of Chrismons and what they represented. I am hoping to add more each year to our little tree (see, below). . . . The video was very helpful and the ability to instantly purchase the material digitally was a blessing. Thank you for the ministry resource information. ~ Sincerely, Amanda Evans

Chrismons Make Chrismon Ornaments

"Hello, I teach middle school Sunday School. I thought, just for something different, we would make the Chrismon Snowflakes. This was a stretch, 'cause I didn't think the boys would be interested. I was WRONG! My son, who is a pretty good critic of my Sunday School Classes, said that was "really cool" and it was one of the best things we have ever done in Sunday School! So much for assuming things!" ~ J. Nieman

If you're looking for traditional, silhouette Chrismon patterns, try our Chrismon-Kids patterns.

32 Easy-To-Make Patterns for ages 3-103

The Chrismon tree, shown above, was created by children using our Chrismon-Kids patterns! They are easy enough for kids . . . yet, sophisticated enough for adults! You decide how to decorate them! Make a Chrismon-Kids Tree or Jesse Tree

You can also use these basic patterns to create banners or Scherenschnitte art! Click here to order Chrismon-Kids.


E.P. Hoke said, "Our church has a Chrismon tree in our fellowship hall. We have a dinner and a Carole sing and the families make Chrismons. (We put together pre-made packets of materials for the ornaments.) The families make their Chrismon and sign them. Then get up in front of the group, if they choose, to explain their Chrismon along with it's history and meaning. Fun and educational!" 

Janelle from Sumpter, S.C. said, "We had an Advent evening at church and the kids used craft foam to cut out chrismons, "Christ shapes." We used the sticky-backed foam and then attached the chrismons to small red fabric banners that we then hung from torches attached to the church pews for Christmas. They look beautiful. I am planning to make white banners for the Easter season. Maybe we can make gold chrismons or Easter symbols to stick on the white banners . . ."

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