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Fugitive - A fun twist on the game of Hide n' Seek. From the book, "Chalk-It-Up".

The Great Pyramid Race - A great warm-up activity! Players decide how they'll "climb" the pyramid. First to the top, wins! From the book, "Chalk-It-Up".

Sardines Hide and pack em' in, other players seek!

See You Later Alligator A unique game of tag created by Elementary PE Educator, Judy Howard.

Computer Bugs Another unique game created by Elementary PE Educator, Judy Howard. Judy writes, " My students really love this game! This is also a great way to assess the underhand throw."

Fun, Fitness, and Skills: The Powerful Original Games Approach brings 93 fresh games with countless variations. The games are easy to adjust to all grade and ability levels, and you'll never run out of fresh ideas for fun and exciting games that teach fitness concepts and skills.

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