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The "Kid's Gallery" is a worldwide meeting place for children 
to display their creative imaginations using Tangrams.


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Chalk-It-Up encourages independent play!

"Flying Bird"

Created by Jacob B. - Age 8 - May 2011


"Truckin’ in the Rain til the Sun Comes Out”

Tanscape created by Ian, age 9 - Savannah, GA

The following Tangrams were sent in by Mr. Kapasi's Geometry students
(Castro Valley High School 2001/2002 school year):

Submitting students: Kerri Gamez, Kyoko Utsumi, Jennifer Thomas, Megan Corbin, Tiffany Aragon, Jackie Morris, Christina Goodspeed, Jennifer Syufy, Vince Pilotti, Ian Nelson, Mike Thomsen, Peter Cung, Caitlin Terry, Lorena Legaspi, Benjamin Ilmberger, Jennifer Grange, Christina, Tiffany Koo, Henry Bechtel, Steffany Hamilton, Diana Stellman, Ian McDoulett, Andres Enriques, Katie Allan, Rachel Osias, Kerri Gamez, Michelle Chan, Andrea Blunt, and Janelle Minter.

Thank you Mr. Kapasi and students for sending in these very creative designs! Your class will receive a Creative Imaginations Certificate!

The following awesome TanScapes were created by two students in Ms. Ellen Maxwell's Class. (Roosevelt Elementary-Norman, OK  2001/2002 school year):


                     Created by: Holly Forsyth - Age 8               Created by: Brian Sanders - Age 8

Thank you Ms. Maxwell and students for sending in these very creative Tanscapes! They are the first  Tanscape designs to be submitted to the site! You will receive a Creative Imaginations Award Certificate!


Mr. Kasturiarachi, of Ohio, sent the following two entries designed by
his very young and creative daughters!

Mr. Kasturiarchi must be a proud dad! Thanks for sharing!

I want to thank Mr. Jerome Fugami's 2nd grade class, from the Canadian Academy in Kobe Japan,
for the following entries. They have proven to be children with Creative Imaginations!

Thank you Mr. Fugami and children!
A 'Creative Imaginations Award Certificate' has been sent to Mr. Fugami and his class.


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